What Is TelkomONE?

TelkomONE is a brand new South African video and audio streaming service, offering you a choice of some of the best local shows, compelling international programs, popular television channels and a huge selection of music, to enjoy across your choice of screens, anytime, anywhere. Catch up, rewind, download, create playlists or hop across devices – all this is possible and more.

Add Monate to your screen with TelkomONE!

Something For Everyone

It's true everyone can enjoy TelkomONE!

Watch for FREE – from a mix of TV channels including SABC 1,2, 20+ radio channels and 1000+ hours of local shows plus all our #openuptheindustry competition entries or subscribe to AMP and access a growing collection of local and international music, comedy, series, lifestyle and short form content, TV channels and catch up programs from all channels across TelkomONE. From R7 per day, AMP also includes streaming data, the ability to download and record, and cloud storage.

TelkomONE really is a Window to Endless Entertainment!


Nothing beats free entertainment on any screen, anytime, anywhere. Get access on the go, to some of the best local shows, all SABC Tv and radio channels, and global News and Inspiration TV channels.You also get access to our TV Guide so you know exactly what’s coming up. And guess what? If you miss a show you can go bck up to 24Hrs to watch and with Telkom's afforable data you won't miss out!

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Get Amped for great local entertainment! Subscribe to enjoy music, lifestyle shows, series, documentaries, short films and more. Our AMP subscription package is created with the youth (and young at heart!) in mind. With hours of content to watch, you also get great functionality like catch up and the ability to rewind/shift back in the program guide, record and download. What’s more, you can create your own music playlist and create sub profiles making sharing content with your friends and family easy and accessible. Telkom customers get to enjoy the added benefit of streaming data with AMP. From R7 a day, you have the flexibility of choosing a subscription payment option that suits your lifestyle, interests and budget. Subscribe now button


Your Basket Of Value

TelkomONE includes streaming data* , convenient user controls and accessibility that allows you to enjoy your favorite shows on any screen, any time, anywhere!
Look out for more exciting packages in the future.

*Streaming data only provided with Amp
Package DetailsFreeAMP
Concurrent Streams 12
Device/Browser Management23
Profiles (sub account)12
VOD Download (Mobile App Only)

5 Titles;
48 hours to start watching;
2 Simultaneous Downloads
Catch Up

NPVR (In the Cloud)

3 hrs Recording
Time Shift24 hrs3 days

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Adaptive BitrateSDSD/HD
4K on Android TV
Parental Control

Share On Social

Live Event Stream


Create Music Playlist

Concurrent Streams

The number of shows that can be watched across your devices at one time.

Device/Browser Management

The number of devices or browsers from which you may access and use the TelkomONE Service to view the content, per account.

User Profiles(Sub Account)

The number of accounts linked to one user. Usually the main registered user is the primary or parent account. An additional one becomes a sub account which can have a separate username and password. This helps identify the viewer.


The act of saving content for a period to be consumed or watched offline.

Catch Up

Missed your favourite TV Show?

We make available a selection of the best programmes from our TV Channels to watch online anytime, over a stipulated period.

NPVR (network personal video recorder)

The ability to record content.

Time Shift

The ability to shift back in the channel program guide to view or listen to previously aired content after the initial broadcast. Applies for audio & video.


Initiating and controlling playback of content from one device to another (A casting device such as google Chromecast device or your mobile phone to another device e.g. digital media player or television).

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Technology that enables a user to continue playing content from where they left off or paused on another device. i.e. If you watch a series on your mobile then switch to pc, it will continue from where you stopped watching on your mobile.

Adaptive Bitrate

Technology designed to automatically detect your connection speed and device and push through the highest quality content profile that your connection can accommodate, ensuring the highest quality streaming.

Parental Control

Provides the ability for a user to restrict access to certain types of content. i.e. PG 13.

Sharing On Social Media

Ability to share specific content or pages to your preferred social media platforms.

Live Event Stream

Events live-streamed on the platform.

Recently Watched

Ability to view history of all the content you have watched or listened to, on your playlist.

Create Music Playlist

The ability to generate your own music playlist from content available on the platform.

Where Can I Watch TelkomONE?

TelkomONE is available to stream over the internet, across multiple devices. All you need is an internet connection and you can watch or listen using your Phone, Tablet, Mac or TV, via all major supported browsers, IOS, Android, Chromecast and Android Boxes.

Pay Your Way

Our payment plans give you the freedom to choose an option that works for your lifestyle.