Room 9 (s1)

Little Man
The Tokolosh is blamed for a spate of murders that have happened on the rooftops of a Killarney-esque suburb, where the “domestic executives” live. ROOM 9 is sent in to investigate.
The Werewolf of Zamampilo
The Zamampilo residents are terrified as soon as the sun goes down, because theres a werewolf on the prowl.
Chasing Dreams
When the severed body parts of a young girl are uncovered in a desolate village. This devoutly Christian town is devastated by the gruesome Muti murder.
The Mermaid
Bodies of boys are found drowned in a swimming pool. Terror strikes the local community when the legend of the African Mermaid rears its ugly head.
Ogun; God of Iron
An ancient Yoruba Voodoo Mask is confiscated by Border Patrol, Solomon is forced to confront his chequered past and protect the Mask’s powers from those who are not pure of heart.
Blood Seeds
In the setting of a maternity ward, pregnant women are being kidnapped. They are sacrificed and in return they feed their attackers’ immortality.
In the Shadow of iZulu
The lost, the forgotten and forsaken take refuge in Aurum Hotel, a rundown apartment block slum in the heart of New Azania’s equivalent to Hillbrow (Sector 1).
Zombie Cops
Room 9 are called in after a serial case of bank robberies. Dubbed by the mainstream media as Zania Zombies, eye-witness reports say there are 3 of them, one of which is their ringleader.
There is a spate of deaths in a buzzing part of town. It’s usually a wealthy male between the ages of 25-30, their brains ripped out of their craniums in a Formulae One-esque Hotel Room.
Voodoo Warehouse
A new Zulu Rock band, Voodoo Warehouse, sweep into Sector 1 and lure the town’s young people away, like the Pied Piper, to a performance to end all performances. Kat runs away with the band.
The hunters become the hunted when a shape shifter morphs itself into members of Room 9. Alice and Harkness knowledge of each other is put to the ultimate test.
Room 999
A young woman, who is pregnant with a demon baby, is taken hostage by a rogue Priest. Room 9 are called in and have to deal with a hostage stand-off that pits them against a gung-ho special task unit.
Harkness is cast into the world of dreams after a botched exorcism leaves him trapped in his own mind. Room 9 use Hypno-Travel to journey inside Harkness’s head, in a bid to save him from himself.?