Going Viral (s1)

The Meeting
We meet COVID and his team and find out what they have been up to. We also meet Immune System and his team who are trying to figure out how to stop COVID.
Stable But Critical
We catch up with Immune System and Sanitizer at the hospital to visit The Economy &find out COVID is there for his desease outreach to give them advice on how to succeed.
The Fallout
COVID meets up with his associates to discuss how they will cripple the country. Meanwhile Immune System meets up with his partners to talk about how they can keep the country going and defeat COVID.
The Cashflow
COVID and Miss Information catch up on their plans and what Miss Information has planned. Immune System on the other hand is talking to Media about how they can get people on board with the vaccine
Maxine The Vaccine
COVID and Vaccine finally have their first conversation as she calls him to tell him that she is going to destroy him and his company. But she quickly finds out COVID doesn't scare easily.
State of The Nation
Immune System comes to see Government to tell him how his actions are making his job harder and wants assurances that this will stop. The meeting doesn't really go as planned and ends badly.
Truthful Lies
Media and Miss Information, who are twin sisters, get together to catch up and talk about their personal lives and work. We get to find out what is going on in their personal lives.
The Rollout Plan
Immune System meets up with Government and Vaccine to discuss the rollout plan for the country.
The Interview
Media invites COVID and Government on to her news show to interview them together. Things get out of hand and Government loses it on live television.
The Family Meeting
COVID goes home to see his family and finds himself in uncomfortable conversations. We get to see his family dynamics closer and how he deals with it.
The Therapy Session
COVID goes to see his therapist, Dr Xen, to vent about his problems and concerns. Immune System also goes to the same therapist and we hear all about his issues as well.
The End
COVID has a meeting with Corruption where we find out who his secret agent is. But the party doesn't last long as Immune Sysytem crashes the meeting.