The Final Line (s1)

The Final Line (s1) ep 01: Koobeshen Naidoo
This episode features the funny and talented Koobeshen Naidoo.
The Final Line (s1) ep 02: Anasia Govender
This episode features the well-loved South African entertainer, Anasia Govender aka Annalakshmi.
The Final Line (s1) ep 03: Daryl Williams
This episode features the most sought-after funny man, Daryl Williams.
The Final Line (s1) ep 04: Maeshni Naicker
This episode features actor, comedian and radio personality, Maeshni Naicker.
The Final Line (s1) ep 05: Mangaliso Mhlongo
This episode features Mangaliso Mhlongo, a born performer.
The Final Line (s1) ep 06: Darren Maule
This episode features the master of story-telling, Darren Maule.
The Final Line (s1) ep 07: Nonto R
This episode features comedian, M.C and influencer, Nomthandazo Ruth Rubushe aka Nonto R.
The Final Line (s1) ep 08: Spencer Govender
This episode features the quick-witted and talented, Spencer Govender.
The Final Line (s1) ep 09: Nikita Cornelson
This episode features 24year-old comedian and content creator, Nikita Cornelson.
The Final Line (s1) ep 10: Kamz Govender
This episode features stand-up comedian, actor and script writer, Kamz Govender.