Forever Young (s2)

Forever Young (s2) ep 01: Antony Osler & Bra Darkie
Antony Osler is a self-confessed “stoep sitter” but this humble title gives us little information on the myriad of roles he has found himself undertaking in his captivating life.
Forever Young (s2) ep 02: Dr Rocco & Ma Clarke
We travel to De la Bat to take a closer look at a man who has been serving the sizable deaf community there for over three decades, Dr Rocco Hough.
Forever Young (s2) ep 03: Serina Ratel & Johannes Willemse
Johannes Willemse fondly referred to as Oom Johannes, is an indigenous knowledge
Forever Young (s2) ep 04: Funeka Soldaat & George Malios
We explore the life and work of social rights advocate, queer rights activist and survivor, Funeka Soldaat, a remarkable woman who has overcome adversity and violence in the most inspiring way.
Forever Young (s2) ep 05: Ntombozuko Ndamase & Obie Oberholzer
Obie Oberholzer can best be described as South Africa's answer to Gonzo journalist icon, Hunter S. Thompson.
Forever Young (s2) ep 06: Marcia Orlin & Shaun Viljoen
Marcia Orlin was forced to retire as a teacher at the age of 65.
Forever Young (s2) ep 07: Arnold Mentz & Eira Maarsdorp
Eira Maasdorp is a Graaff Reinet who has made it her life's mission to preserve the town's rich history.
Forever Young (s2) ep 08: Khanyi Sibiya & Collin La Foy
Colin Robert La Foy has had the kind of fascinating life which one only witnesses while desperately trying to peel oneself away from their flickering screen.
Forever Young (s2) ep 09: Dr. Sindiwe Magona & Petrus Hannekom
We look at the extraordinary life of Dr Sindiwe Magona. From her impoverished beginnings in the rural Eastern Cape to her life in New York.
Forever Young (s2) ep 10: Dr. Sindiwe Magona & Petrus Hannekom
Before COVID struck and put the country (and the world) at a standstill Calvyn Fortuin was South Africa's oldest competing bodybuilder at 78 years of age.
Forever Young (s2) ep 11: Sonny Pillay & Glenda Harper
When a poor little boy from the slums of Springfield was weeding the gardens of rich white people on the Berea, he never dreamed that one day he would be a world renowned karate practitioner.
Forever Young (s2) ep 12: Chris Barr & Bukeka Bukwana
Chris Barr & Jenny Ballantyne, fell in love with the quaint little town of Murraysburg in the Karoo in 2005 & left the city lights of Cape Town in 2012.
Forever Young (s2) ep 13: Neelan Govender & Nikki Brighton
At 92 years of age, former high school teacher Dr. Neelan Govender, is a practicing Medical Doctor from Merebank, the south of Durban.