My Father, My Hero (s2)

My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 01: Makoena Kganakga
Losing her mother at the age of 13, Makoena's father stepped up and single handedly raised five children. He juggled parenting, businesses and a 9-5 job.
My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 02: Lizzie Langa
Lizzie celebrates Graem who has played a positive fatherly role in her life. The love he has shown her knows no racial boundaries.
My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 03: Sizwe Mbonambi
In a society where gays and lesbians are stigmatized we meet Sizwe who had fear coming out. When he finally comes out, his step- father accepts him and gives him all the support that he deserves.
My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 04: Pamela Grobbler
When Pamela's father discovered that her husband was physically abusing her, he didn't look back. He travelled to another province to fetch his daughter and grandchildren.
My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 05: Mbali Nkhumeleni
In a house breaking that claimed her mother and sisters' lives, Mbali was left wheelchair bound at the age of 9. Her father played a vital role in helping her boost her confidence.
My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 06: Mandla
Mandla celebrates his father who stood by him on his journey to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.
My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 07: Ellen Mkhwanazi
When her mother left her while she was still a toddler, her father supported her and played a motherly and fatherly role. Ellen celebrates her father for always supporting her.
My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 08: Fourie
Growing up in a Christian family, it was hard for Leslie to reveal his sexuality to his parents. When he finally decided to come out, his father accepted him and embraced him.
My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 09: Zipho Batala
When her mother and stepfather seperated, Zipho thought it would be the end of the relationship she had with her stepfather, but he continued to play an important and supportive role in her life.
My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 10: Tshifhiwa Maumela
Tshifhiwa appreciates his grandfather for always supporting and encouraging him against all odds
My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 11: Busi Mayeza
Busi celebrates her father who welcomed her back when she left her marriage, and did not judge her.
My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 12: Mfundo Nkosi
Mfundo celebrates his late father who showed him support when he went through a mental breakdown
My Father, My Hero (s2) ep 13: Dikeledi Jacobs
Dikeledi appreciates George Senosha who has been a father in her and the children she fosters.