Family Secrets (s1)

Family Secrets (S1) ep 01: Meet The Mokwena
This year the Mokwena family celebrates Moses’s 20th birthday and Mokwena Merchant Bank’s 17th year in Business.
Family Secrets (S1) ep 02: Dead Mans Bank
The Mokwena are being interrogated by the CIU’s Napoleon Biko. Burton Taylor’s wife Natasha goes into protective custody.
Family Secrets (S1) ep 03: Breaking News
Patricia Madiba reports on the death of Brian Nkosi. The CIU offices gets broken into.
Family Secrets (S1) ep 04: Kidnap
Shanice approach Napoleon Biko. Gabriel goes missing whilst Cleo is in Paris. Caesar Mokwena makes a discovery.
Family Secrets (S1) ep 05: Red Stripes
Coco has news for Moses. Moses discover a hidden secret. The Mokwena receives an unexpected invitation.
Family Secrets (S1) ep 06: Separated At Birth
Dante Mokwena, Caesar twin brother who was abandoned at birth, returns to claims his throne.
Family Secrets (S1) ep 07: It’s Mine!
Dante unpacks his plan to take over the Mokwena Empire with Mom Joyce. Caesar travels abroad.
Family Secrets (S1) ep 08: No Questions Asked
Gabrielle kidnappers are set against each other when Caesar offer a billion dollar reward. No questions asked.
Family Secrets (S1) ep 09: Twin Banks
Caesar heads to Geneva. Caesar heads for an elite bank meeting in Geneva. Dante sees an opportunity to take over the bank.
Family Secrets (S1) ep 10: The Golden Egg
Moses Billion dollar gift for telling the future is threatened by Burton Taylor. Gabriel Mokwena saves the day.
Family Secrets (S1) ep 11: The Man From Dubai
Caesar must settle old debts or face the end of the Mokwena Merchant Bank.
Family Secrets (S1) ep 12: Our Son
Shanice reunites with Moses. Caesar is devastated.
Family Secrets (S1) ep 13: The Key
It’s not over till the vault opens. Whoever holds the key owns the bank?