VS Gaming Weekly (s1)

VSG (s1) ep 01: Introduction To VS Gaming
We talk to the first e-Diski Festival winner, we take a look back at what happened at the VS Gaming e-Diski Festival and comedian Mojak Lehoko takes a go at Cuphead.
VSG (s1) ep 02: A Career in eSports
We visit Curro Hazeldean, currently dominating the high school esports scene, athletes go head to head in the eDiski Season 4 Grand Finals & Cam Ceej talks about how you can make money through gaming!
VSG (s1) ep 03: eDiski Winner Riaasat
eDiski winner Riaasat tells us how he got signed to Orlando Pirates esports, 2 pro’s battle it out at the Grand Finals & Priddy Ugly takes on Okay Wasabi in a game of Street Fighter.
VSG (s1) ep 04: It Takes A Team
Royalty Esports owner, Jan tells us more about managing a successful eSports team. Comedian Waylene Beukes serves her patrons in a game of Overcooked.
VSG (s1) ep 05: A Victorious Competitive Season
Curro Hazeldean celebrates a victorious competitive season. We chat to Orland Pirates eSport player Ubaid. The journey continues in the S4 eDiski grand finals.
VSG (s1) ep 06: Goliath Gaming
CS:GO player ‘Tiaantjie’ relives his match up against pro gaming team Goliath Gaming. Rocket League Champion Snowwy shares his esports journey. Die Mondez shows us moves on Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.
VSG (s1) ep 07: Crash Team Racing
Professional CS:GO player ‘Fr0zen’ gives us his perspective on his epic match up in Season 5 of the VS Gaming Masters. CS:GO veteran ‘Detrony’ gives us a glimpse of his story in the esports scene.
VSG (s1) ep 08: Carpo More Plays NBA 2K Battlegrounds
We revisit Season 5 of the VS Gaming Masters with CS:GO player ‘God’snotdead’. We learn more about Perfect Zikhali and his efforts with Ekasi Esport.
VSG (s1) ep 09: Big 5 Take On Energy Esport
eSports giants, Big 5 take on Energy Esport in the finals of the VS. Gaming Masters at Comic Con Africa 2019. Orlando Pirates eSports player, Ntsax shares his journey into eSports.
VSG (s1) ep 10: Comic Con Africa 2022
Strap on as we gear up for Comic Con Africa 2022. eSports team director, Sean Mosenthal tells us how he transforms a team with his expertise.
VSG (s1) ep 11: Trackmania Turbo
Gamers Anonymous Clan player, Josh (God’snotdead) takes on Goliath Gaming. We chat to FIFA pro, Sajid ‘Sajdinho’ Abdulla.
VSG (s1) ep 12: Little Big Planet 3
Sinister 5 takes on Bravado Gaming. Ryan “Greybeard” Hogarth breaks down shoutcasting in the local Rocket League scene and Nozuko Ntshangase plays Little Big Planet 3.
VSG (s1) ep 13: Moving Out
Ryan “Greybeard” Hogarth breaks down the 2021 VS Gaming Championship finals, we chat to CS:GO veteran, Tiaan “Tiaantjie” Rheeder and Khutso Theledi plays a game of Moving Out.