DJ Zinhle - The Unexpected (s1)

DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 01: She's Expecting
Meet DJ Zinhle as she throws the curtain on her life open. Get to know the woman behind the music, the businesses and products that's loved by many.
DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 02: An Unexpected Lunch Date
DJ Zinhle the Unexpected, Zinhle begins the difficult task of sharing with select close friends and her family that she is pregnant.
DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 03: When She Least Expected
Zihle is anxious as she has to undergo a medical procedure for the safety of her baby.
DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 04: Managing Expectations
Zihle and Bongani have a heated discussion around the issue of getting married. Will they agree on this issue?
DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 05: Unexpected Business
Zihle is worried about her business after irregular transactions are brought to her attention.
DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 06: Unexpected News
Zinhle and Zenzele head to KZN to finally share Zinhle's news with mum.
DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 07: An Unexpected Welcome
Zinhle finally tells her mother she is pregnant. Her mother is adamant that inhlawula must be paid before the baby comes.
DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 08: An Unexpected Pamper Session
Zinhle Hosts a few of her girlfriends to a lunch and massage to celebrate the launch of Hair Majesty.
DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 09: An Unexpected Lunch
Zihle is invited to Pearl's house for lunch, but a surprise awaits her.
DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 10: Handling My Business
Zinhle handles some last minute business before the baby arrives.
DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 11: An Unexpected Treat
Zinhle Enjoys time away with her sisters for a much needed pamper session, but they have some tough questions for her.
DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 12: An Unexpected Family Gathering
As D-Day fast approaches, Zinhle's family plans an unexpected get together to celebrate life and the expected new baby
DJ Zinhle (s1) ep 13: The Unexpected
Follow the life of popular DJ Zinhle who is also an ambitious entrepreneur, as she juggles motherhood and her personal life.