The Big Secret (s1) Free

The Big Secret (s1) ep 01: Arnold Maziko
Arnold Maziko shares a traumatic experience with his mother and brother, a secret that has led to him living a double live.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 02: Edmund Mohlathe
Edmund knows breaking into the music business is tough. Edmund decides to take a drastic step that will find him living a double life.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 03: Bruno Sebea
Mataozen is an aspiring Kwaito musician. 8 Months ago he received a proposition that compromised his relationship with his best friend Keabetswe aka Dotso.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 04: Christinah Gontse Mampheko
5 years ago, Gontse was escorted home by the police after attending a wedding. After years of struggle and pain, she is finally ready to reveal to her sister and brother-in-law what really happened.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 05: Miriam Mmapaseka
Miriam is a pastor's daughter and leader of a young women's club at her church. She teaches teenage girls how to live according to Christian values and to uphold the moral code of the church.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 06: Palesa Mlangeni
21 year old Palesa Mlangeni felt emotionally abandoned by her parents, after growing up with her Aunt and Grandmother. She reveals to her Aunt a secret that could explain her behavior.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 07: Itumeleng Dithupe
When Itumeleng met the love of his life his could not wait to introduce her to friends & family who welcomed her into their lives. But Itumeleng failed to reveal his girlfriend's secret to his family.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 08: Nokwazi Memela
Having struggled for years to make ends meet, Nokwazi found herself trapped in a foreign country for 7 years.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 09: Refilwe
Refilwe comes from a broken family and is looking for her roots. If she could she would be able to live her best life. She has questions about who her parents are and who she is related to.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 10: Hendrick Masilela
Hendrick lost his parents when he was still a young boy and was left exposed to negative influences.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 11: Selwyn Neelson
Selwyn had to hustle the streets from the age of 9 to provide for his family. For the first time in 24 years, he has been out of prison for one full year.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 12: Juliet
The plot thickens for Juliet struggling with a gambling addiction that puts her in a situation that needs closure with her family.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 13: Sibusiso Ngwane
Sibusiso Ngwane, fondly known as 'Riri' or "Buhle' is a 21 year old man cross dresser from Soweto. Sibusiso feels that his ex-boyfriend deserves to know the truth about Buhle.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 14: The Reunion Part 1
The reunion episode gives Khanyi and the viewers an opportunity to revisit the most shocking stories of the season.
The Big Secret (s1) ep 15: The Reunion Part 2
Part 2 of the reunion special delves deeper into the story behind Mataozen's confession. Did he and Dotso make up their entire story? The Big Secret will set the record straight once and for all.