The Big Secret (s2) AMP

The Big Secret (s2) ep 01: Yolanda Dandala
Yolanda is a young traditional healer who suffered a very painful and traumatic experience at a traditional initiation schools. In this episode she confesses her long kept secret to her family.
The Big Secret (s2) ep 02: Eshdy Liphae
Eshdy is an openly gay man. In tonight's episode, supported by his boyfriend, Eshdy is finally ready to confess another difficult secret to his loved ones.
The Big Secret (s2) ep 03: Smanga Ntila
Smanga, a 28 year old young man living in Orlando West, wants to confess to his grandpa and father; who he recently met, about a dark secret he has.
The Big Secret (s2) ep 04: Nathi Sithole
Nathi Sithole, a 46 years old ex-convict from eZola (Soweto), has been harbouring a secret for 18 years from his family.
The Big Secret (s2) ep 05: Maestro Mncube
Maestro Thapelo Mncube is a 28 years old recording artist from Mpumalanga, he is confessing to his brothers about a secret that he has kept for years.
The Big Secret (s2) ep 06: Sharon Hunsely
In this week's episode. We meet Sharon, a 21 years old who has been keeping a secret since she was a child.
The Big Secret (s2) ep 07: Alfred Mofokeng
A secret kept can haunt you for the rest of your life. In this episode 29 year old man Alfred wants to reveal a secret that has been haunting him for 2 years.
The Big Secret (s2) ep 08: Angela and Maria
Angela, a 21 year old deaf and mute mother who stays in Alexandra, wants to confess to her paternal grandmother while living in her mother's house.
The Big Secret (s2) ep 09: Happy Zwane
Happy Zwane is a 28 years old man who wants to confess to his very violent and aggressive brother, a secret that might tear them apart.
The Big Secret (s2) ep 10: Smangele Khaba
Smangele is a young parent who wants to reveal the difficult truth she has held from her mother since she was a teenager.
The Big Secret (s2) ep 11: Boikanyo Matlou
Boikanyo Matlou is a 28 years old mother who wants to confess to her grandfather about a secret that might ruin her life.
The Big Secret (s2) ep 12: Norman Tharaka
Norman is a 23 year old young man who wants to reveal a secret to his father.
The Big Secret (s2) ep 13: Reunion
Are you ready to see your true reflection? The Big Secret is an emotainment reality series filled with big revelations from surprise confessions to shocking reveals.