You Got Got (s3)

A Wedgy Problem
Lasizwe asks people to help with him with a wedgy problem, Megan asks help for things she really should keep to herself, Oscar finds out his amazing fiancé is cheating on him.
Megan is determined to get people fit in Khayelitsha, Simmi gives people bad dating advice in Stellenbosch, Vusi makes people uncomfortable by sharing their secrets..
Tashriq wants to tame the skeleton that's popping out of his chest, Fallon is out on the streets to try and make new friends, Vusi gives us a Popeye throwback and asks people to feed him spinach,.
Ventriloquist Game
Oscar plays a creepy ventriloquist game in the Eastern Cape, Megan sees her long lost child in the streets of Grabous, Fallon goes on a digital detox and ask people to help her deal with it.
Lasizwe gets deep and personal in a survey, Tashriq plays an escaped clown and he's not here to make people laugh, Vusi is spreading the good word of whatsapp.
Psycho Ex
Megan has gone on holiday to Clarens in an attempt to run away from her psycho ex.
The Job App
Vusi took to the streets to promote a new 'The Job App', Fallon opened a new bussiness and now sells shower caps.
Megan gives beachgoers ridiculous fines, Fallon pretends to be the world's worst dietitian , Vusi shows off his swordmanship in Mossel Bay.
Kimberley's Next Pop Star
Lasizwe searches for Kimberley's next pop star , Tashriq needs people to pose in awkward positions for his blog, Vusi pretends to be a professional boy toy.
King Williams Town
Oscar hugs the whole of King Williams Town, Tashriq pretends to be a very generous doctor , Fallon finds people to join her action packed boxing gym.
Personal Butler
Vusi is a personal butler who doesn't take no for an answer, Megan jets in from the U.K to score her first kiss , an injured Tashriq won't let people assist him in Mbombela.
Southgate Mall
Simmi smuggles candy into Southgate Mall, Tashriq covers a fake race in Umhlanga, Lasizwe's bucket causes havoc for mall security and we put Proverb up against Denise Zimba in our celeb showdown.
Memory Lane
Tol A$$ Mo reflects on the most hilarious moments from season 3 and the outlaws take us down memory lane as we highlight their best pranks.