Curvy Girls (s2)

New Girl In Town
A new girl joins Team Curvy; a private investigator digs for dirt on Lornalitz's on-again-off-again boyfriend Alexander; Ivory's past is revealed.
Family Matters
Lornalitz and her boyfriend attend couples therapy; Rosie's hectic Las Vegas life causes her to neglect things at home.
Marriage or Bust
Joanne amps up marriage pressure on her boyfriend; Ivory meets with a therapist to discuss her past; Denise receives some unsettling news.
Designer Drama
Denise needs to put together her fashion designs for Carnie Wilson but lacks focus; Lornalitz plans a trip to Puerto Rico; Rosie confronts an abusive ex.
Drama In Paradise
Tensions grow between Denise and Lornalitz; Ivory considers having a baby on her own; Joanne's singing career stalls.
Dating Life Drama
Lornalitz hashes out the past with her abusive sister; Denise decides to jump back into the dating scene.
Hot in Hollywood
The girls head to Los Angeles for a Perez Hilton interview; Joanne gets a surprise; Ivory holds her boot camp; Rosie questions her career.
More Than a Model
Despite Joanne's festive engagement party, the girls face serious crossroads; Denise struggles to resolve issues with her biological father; Rosie debates her future as a model.