Muvhango Season 22 (s22)

Muvhango (s22) ep 01: An Uninvited Guest
Hulisani is not happy to find an uninvited guest in his apartment. Mulalo finds out that the chieftaincy is up for grabs. Tenda has some bad news for Gugu when he takes control of MMC.
Muvhango (s22) ep 02: A Higher Authority
Mulalo gets the support of a higher authority to ascend the throne and the council cannot ignore him. Vhutshilo causes tension in the Matshaya household.
Muvhango (s22) ep 03: An Unpleasant Surprise
Marang gets flowers from KK. The elders warn Mulalo to keep Phusuphusu away. Rendani and Hulisani return home to an unpleasant surprise. KK brings home a 'gift' for amaboys.
Muvhango (s22) ep 04: Get A Real Job
KK will do anything to win Marang back. Everyone has the same message for Vhutshilo, grow up and get a real job! Kgosi sees something he can't unsee.
Muvhango (s22) ep 05: Sabotage A Dream
Vho-Masindi has an unlikely ally in hatching a plan to sabotage Mulalo's dream. Marang swears Imani to secrecy about a suitor's unwelcome advances.
Muvhango (s22) ep 06: A Horrifying Secret
Mulalo is finally inaugurated. Kgosi uncovers a horrifying secret. Masindi and Phusuphu's plan falls flate on it's face.
Muvhango (s22) ep 07: Plans Fall Flat On It's Face
Masindi and Phusuphu's plan falls flat on it's face. KK is asked to do the unthinkable and refuses. Hulisani is fed up with Vhutshilo and things come to a head.
Muvhango (s22) ep 08: A Blood Sacrifice
Master tells KK that bad things will keep happening to him until he does a blood sacrifice for amaboys. The royal house learns of Mulalos intentions to move in.
Muvhango (s22) ep 09: The Royal House
The royal council has made a decision about who lives in the royal house. KK has found the perfect sacrifice for amaboys. Vhutshilo is homeless.
Muvhango (s22) ep 10: Sparks Fly
The sparks fly between Mulalo and Azwindini as Mulalo lays claim to the royal house. Marang asks KK a favour without James knowing. Mbali aims to reel KK in, but he has other plans with her.
Muvhango (s22) ep 11: Life In Danger
Mbali's life in is danger. Azwindini leaves the only life he knows behind. Shaz sticks up for Vhutshilo.
Muvhango (s22) ep 12: Woes
It seems Azwindini woes are far from over. James is disappointed when he finds out what Marang has been up to. Vhutshilo get through to Susan.
Muvhango (s22) ep 13: A New Blood Sacrifice
Master has found a new blood sacrifice for KK and it's someone close to his heart.
Muvhango (s22) ep 14: Cooking Insults
KK arrives at work in his underwear. Azwindini insults Susan's cooking. James fears that Marang is getting cold feet.
Muvhango (s22) ep 15: A Laughing Stock
KK becomes a laughing stock when he ignores the office dress code. Azwindini and Susan battle to come to grips with the reality of their reduced circumstances.
Muvhango (s22) ep 16: A Financial Situation
KK's body starts changing when he keeps refusing to appease Ama-boys. Susan calls Azwindini out on his financial situation. Vho-Masindi is furious when the royal throne goes missing.
Muvhango (s22) ep 17: Crossing A Line
James and Imani cross the line. James and Imani cross the line. Vho-Masindi & Teboho have a go at each other.
Muvhango (s22) ep 18: The Wedding
Amaboys are starting to possess KK. James wants to stop the wedding. Vho-Masindi sabotages the new throne. Pfuluwani is back.
Muvhango (s22) ep 19: A Life Built On Lies
Pfuluwani promises to get back everything her husband lost. James cannot commit to a life built on lies. Gizara puts both Teboho and Masindi in their place.
Muvhango (s22) ep 20: A Menial Job
Hangwani offers Vhutshilo a job but Vhutshilo doesn't think his fans would like seeing him doing a menial job. KK begs Kgosi to untie him, but is it wise?
Muvhango (s22) ep 21: A Sacrifice
Hangwani interviews Vhutshilo for a job at Dukathole. Imani wants James to fix things with Marang. KK tries to sacrifice Kgosi to Ama-boys.
Muvhango (s22) ep 22: Lost
James cannot commit to a life built on lies. Pfuluwani promises to get back everything her husband lost. Gizara puts both Teboho and Masindi in their place.
Muvhango (s22) ep 23: DJ Equipment
KK is angry when he finds Mudi playing with the artefacts, amaboys. Pfuluwani has a condition before she gives Azwindini the money. Vhutshilo requests Shaz for a loan to buy some used DJ equipment.
Muvhango (s22) ep 24: An Ultimatum
Azwindini is forced to make a difficult choice when Pfuluwani gives him an ultimatum. Imani's dirty little secret is revealed when something unexpected turns up in the laundry basket.
Muvhango (s22) ep 25: A Surprise
Marang confronts James. Mpho wants to finalize things between her and Azwindini. Hangwani has a surprise for Vhutshilo.
Muvhango (s22) ep 26: Lost Love
James loses the woman he loves. Mpho refuses to be controlled by Azwindini or Tenda. Shaz helps Vhutshilo get his love back for DJaying.
Muvhango (s22) ep 27: A Piece Of Evidence
Vho-Masindi has some questions for KK about Mudi's death. KK's PI uncovers a piece of evidence that might lead to KK. Mpho visits a lawyer behind Tendamudzimu's back.
Muvhango (s22) ep 28: An Apology
An apology is not enough for Marang, she wants revenge. Mpho makes a shocking discovery. Kgosi offers a reward for anyone with information about KK.
Muvhango (s22) ep 29: Malicious Damage
Marang is arrested for malicious damage to property. Tenda doesn't understand why Mpho is devastated. Kgosi encourages Vhutshilo to not give up on producing.
Muvhango (s22) ep 30: Forgiveness Or Revenge
Mpho has to choose between forgiveness and revenge when she learns the full extent of Azwindini's deceit. Kgosi has to man up when Vho-Masindi makes executive decisions about his brother's funeral.
Muvhango (s22) ep 31: You’ve Been Served
Azwindini and Susan get served. Kgosi breakdown. Shaz twist Teboho's arm.
Muvhango (s22) ep 32: Planning Revenge
Azwindini refuses to leave the apartment. Mpho starts planning her revenge on Susan and Azwindini. KK causes havoc when he comes back and stops the funeral. He sees Mudi and Tshianeo.
Muvhango (s22) ep 33: Confess Your Sins
KK causes havoc when he comes back and stops the funeral. He sees Mudi and Tshianeo. They force him to confess his sins. Kgosi and Vho-Masindi deal with the aftermath of KK's confession.
Muvhango (s22) ep 34: Hand In The Cookie Jar
Marang catches Imani and James. Azwindini learns he could end up in jail. Shaz is caught with her hand in the cookie jar.
Muvhango (s22) ep 35: A Live Gig
Vhutshilo's online success as DJ Zash seems to go to his head when he insists on doing a live gig. Imani feels threatened from all sides as Marang and Vuyo inhabit her orbit.
Muvhango (s22) ep 36: Backfired
Shaz fails to find a venue for Vhutshilo's party. Mpho makes her reasons for suing Azwindini public. Imani's attempts to get Vuyo fired backfires.
Muvhango (s22) ep 37: Swallow Your Pride
James and Imani cross the line. Azwindini swallows his pride and faces a foe. Vho-Masindi and Teboho have a go at each other.
Muvhango (s22) ep 38: Breaking Point
Vhutshilo and Shaz plan an even at Dukathole behind Hangwani's back. Azwindini and Susan's marriage has reached breaking point. Vhutshilo and Shaz plan an even at Dukathole behind Hangwani's back.
Muvhango (s22) ep 39: A Terrible Nightmare
The tables have turned and everyone starts defending Vuyo and berating Imani for persecuting him. Mulalo has another terrible nightmare, Teboho has had enough.
Muvhango (s22) ep 40: Losing Your Mind
Mulalo fear that he's losing his mind again. Shaz and Vhutsilo are busted after throwing the party. The girls fear going to jail and decide to dump Vuyo's body.
Muvhango (s22) ep 41: Turmoil
Mulalo gets a message from the ancestors that send him into turmoil. Rendani and the other women clean up all evidence of a crime. Hangwani comes up with a way to punish Vhutshilo, Shaz and Kgosi.
Muvhango (s22) ep 42: Drastic Measures
Mulalo and Teboho resort to drastic measures to prevent Mulalo's nightmares from becoming reality. The partners in crime are horrified when Vuyo's ex-wife comes looking for him.
Muvhango (s22) ep 43: Strange Behaviour
The partners in crime are horrified when Vuyo's ex-wife comes looking for him. Vho-Mukondeleli confronts Mulalo about his strange behaviour. Tshepiso demands that Imani tell her what happened to Vuyo.
Muvhango (s22) ep 44: Cracks Start To Show
The cracks start showing in the Vuyo debacle. Mulalo makes an appeal to his forefathers.
Muvhango (s22) ep 45: Misfortune
Imani gets a call from the person who knows what they did. Teboho suggests Mulalo is to blame for Luruli's misfortune. Dee reiterates to Shaz that there's just no way she could ever be with Mulimisi.
Muvhango (s22) ep 46: The Haunting
Mulimisi shoots his shot with Dee. The doctors can't find anything wrong with Luruli. Vuyo haunt's the girls from beyond the grave.
Muvhango (s22) ep 47: The Blackmailer And The Mastermind
The identity of the blackmailer is revealed along with the mastermind behind it.
Muvhango (s22) ep 48: Ancestor Advice
The blackmailer has an instruction for Imani and throws her and her co-conspirators into disarray. The ancestors make it clear what Mulalo needs to do.
Muvhango (s22) ep 49: The Ritual
Mulalo prepares for the ritual that the ancestors wants him to do. Shaz catches Dee sneaking out after spending the night with Mulimisi.
Muvhango (s22) ep 50: A Bumpy Start
Mulimisi and Dee's romance is off to a bumpy start when Dee has reservations about being seen with him.
Muvhango (s22) ep 51: Bubbles
Marang threatens Imani. Luruli goes missing. Vhutshilo wants Bubbles.
Muvhango (s22) ep 52: The Online Battle
Marang threatens Imani. Luruli is pronounced dead. Kgosi and Vhutshilo enjoy the online battle between Dee and Bubbles.
Muvhango (s22) ep 53: The Arrest
Vuyo turns the heat up on the girls. Mulalo is arrested. Vhutshilo tries his luck with Bubbles.
Muvhango (s22) ep 54: The Blackmailer
The blackmailer is revealed and it's not who the girls thought it would be. Gizara is stunned when he hears what Mulalo has to say.
Muvhango (s22) ep 55: Virtual World
A fight that has been brewing in the virtual world is coming live to Johannesburg and Kgosi and Vhutshilo will not miss it for the world. Mulimisi faces the consequences for his ancestral utterances.
Muvhango (s22) ep 56: Unexpected Results
Imani, Gugu and Rendani have to deal with the consequences of their ordeal. Vho-Makhadzi's decision to reject Mulalo's resignation has unexpected results.
Muvhango (s22) ep 57: Divorces Papers
Hulisani serves Rendani with divorces papers. Mulalo makes a drastic decision. Marang makes a move on Kgosi.
Muvhango (s22) ep 58: Suicide
Gugu is offended when Hangwani mommy shames her for relying on google for help with the baby. Teboho blames herself for Mulalo's suicide. Marang finds out that she's pregnant.
Muvhango (s22) ep 59: A Favour
Marang has a surprise for James. Teboho asks the elders for a favour. Hangwani goes shopping.
Muvhango (s22) ep 60: A Cycling Accident
James is rushed to the hospital after a cycling accident. Teboho says goodbye to Mulalo. Hangwani stands Rendani up for lunch.
Muvhango (s22) ep 61: The Royal Family
The royal family accept Mulalo as the anointed one. Hangwani is not impressed with Gugu getting a nanny. James has a bad surprise for Imani.
Muvhango (s22) ep 62: At The River
Hangwani is determined that the only person who's going to be looking after baby Minenhle is her! Mulalo and Teboho reveal what really happened at the river.
Muvhango (s22) ep 63: Plans For The Throne
Imani demands Marang stay away and stop confusing James. Teboho and Mulalo reveal their plans for the throne. Tenda forces Gugu to take leave when she can't cope.
Muvhango (s22) ep 64: An Intervention
Imani is determined to make things work with James but Marang has other plans. Azwindini wants the authenticity of Mulalo's rule tested. Rendani stages an intervention for Hangwani.
Muvhango (s22) ep 65: An Unwelcome Guest
The stakes are raised in the battle for James's heart, when Imani finds herself playing hostess to an unwelcome guest.
Muvhango (s22) ep 66: Amnesia
Tenda wants to use James amnesia to take over Qalabosha. Azwindini convinces Vho-Masindi that Mulalo's anointing wasn't real. Vho-Masindi interrogates Luruli about where he was when he disappeared.
Muvhango (s22) ep 67: A Potential Problem
Marang ups the ante on her mission to secure the bag. Mulalo and Teboho have a potential problem on their hands. Vho-Mukondeleli is on a fact-finding mission.
Muvhango (s22) ep 68: The Contract
Marang confronts Tenda for trying to take advantage of James condition. Tenda wants her to convince James to sign the contract. Vhangani reveals that he knows where the money came from.
Muvhango (s22) ep 69: Side With The Enemy
Marang tricks James and sides with his enemy. Teboho deals Mpfareni a fatal blow. Mulimisi puts Masindi and Mukondeleli in their place.
Muvhango (s22) ep 70: Evil Deed
Mulalo and Teboho get rid of the evidence of their evil deed. Imani makes a last-ditch attempt to get James back.
Muvhango (s22) ep 71: Consummate The Marriage
James and Marang are married and she is ready to consummate their marriage but is rudely interrupted by the last thing she expected. Vho-Mukondeleli spies Dee sneaking in the garden & a chase ensues.
Muvhango (s22) ep 72: A Death
Hangwani overhears Dee tell Shaz about her and Mulimisi. Vhangani's finds out that Mpfareni is dead. Marang's schemes comes crashing down on her.
Muvhango (s22) ep 73: A Cold Blooded Murder
The Royal House is left reeling as Mpfareni's death turns out to be cold blooded murder, and the police open up an investigation.
Muvhango (s22) ep 74: A New Chairperson
Tenda gets a memo that they're planning to vote for a new chairperson at MMC. Teboho and Mulalo want to capitalize on KK's situation. Dee and Mulimisi have a big fight.
Muvhango (s22) ep 75: A Bombshell
Tenda drops a bombshell. KK reveals the truth. Dee dumps Mulimisi.
Muvhango (s22) ep 76: The Paternity Results
Marang is thrilled when the paternity results prove that James is the father. KK wants Mulalo and Teboho to confess to Mpfareni's murder and turn themselves in.
Muvhango (s22) ep 77: A Dark Hole
Tenda comes after James. Mulalo and Teboho sink deeper into a dark hole. Mulimisi casts his net and he catches something.
Muvhango (s22) ep 78: An Unholy Allience
Mulalo punishes KK for threatening to expose him. Marang and Tenda shake on an unholy allience. Mulimisi has his eye on Shaz.
Muvhango (s22) ep 79: Vital Papers
KK has a show down with Mulalo. Marang has vital papers that could bring James and Qalabosha to it's knees.
Muvhango (s22) ep 80: Smitten
KK goes to the cops with what he knows. Tenda digs up some very juicy information about James. Mulimisi is smitten by Shaz.
Muvhango (s22) ep 81: New Man
KK addresses Royal Council on the crime he saw committed by the river. James realises the person that sold him to Tendamudzimu is closer to home. Shaz has a new man to show off.
Muvhango (s22) ep 82: Guilty Of Murder
Mulimisi scares off Shaz's pretend boyfriend. Azwindini realises that Mulalo might be guilty of murder. Hulisani offers James an opportunity to win the war with Tenda.
Muvhango (s22) ep 83: A Shocking Revelation
James gets the ammunition to defend himself against Tendamudzimu's onslaught when Hulisani makes a shocking revelation.
Muvhango (s22) ep 84: Video Footage
Teboho finds KK's phone and deletes the video footage on it. Hulisani starts gambling again. Mpho destroys the dirt that Tenda had on James.
Muvhango (s22) ep 85: Eep In Debt
Hulisani is knee deep in debt and owes Bhiza money after losing at the high stakes night. He lies to Hangwani that Rendani is a gambling addict in order to extort money from her.
Muvhango (s22) ep 86: An Incentive Competition
Hulisani scams Hangwani. Susan and Azwindini get an upgrade. Gugu introduces an incentive competition.
Muvhango (s22) ep 87: Fortunes Change
Hulisani does the unthinkable. Azwindini's fortunes change. Bubbles is in it to win it.
Muvhango (s22) ep 88: Pregnant
Aunty Thoko finds out that Marangs pregnant with James child. Azwindini refuses to quit his job. Vhutshilo sells out Kgosi's secret plan to Bubbles.
Muvhango (s22) ep 90: Who Can Suck Up The Most
Susan can see that there's something not quite right with Muvhango. Bubbles wins this round of "Who can suck up the most to Gugu."
Muvhango (s22) ep 92: Some Dirty Maneuvers
Susan unwittingly ruins Muvhango and Shudu's plans to deal with their problem. Bubbles resorts to some dirty maneuvers to manipulate herself into an important meeting.
Muvhango (s22) ep 93: An Unlikely Alliance
Tenda washes his hands of Hulisani. Shudu is relieved when Muvhango finally gets the money. An unlikely alliance is formed when Gugu does some persuasive talking to James.
Muvhango (s22) ep 94: Some Good News
Will Muvhango and Shudu see their plan through? Marang does the unthinkable. Itumeleng receives some good news.
Muvhango (s22) ep 95: The Marriage Officer
James and Imani beg the Marriage Officer to marry them.Muvhango doesn't want Shudu to have an abortion. Hulisani demands money from Tenda, threatens to kill Mpho. Tenda beats him to death.
Muvhango (s22) ep 96: Peace Offering
Muvhango promises to take care of Shudu and her baby. Tenda makes a deadly mistake. Bubbles and Itu make peace.
Muvhango (s22) ep 97: Old Insecurities
Tenda finds out some news about Moipone that puts him in a panic.
Muvhango (s22) ep 98: Bootcamp
A chance conversation leads Susan to some of the mystery surrounding Muvhango.
Muvhango (s22) ep 99: Eating Plan
Tenda goes to kill Moipone at the hospital. Susan finds out that Muvhango has a girlfriend. Hangwani puts the entire house on an eating plan.
Muvhango (s22) ep 100: Parenting
Susan convinces Azwindini to ditch his hard-nosed approach to parenting to regain Muvhango's trust. Susan convinces Azwindini to ditch his hard-nosed approach to parenting to regain Muvhango's trust.
Muvhango (s22) ep 101: Diet
Mpho asks Tendamudzimu if he killed Hulisani. Susan and Azwindini learn about the pregnancy. Vho-Masindi & Vho Mukondeleli are only too happy to put Gizara on a diet.
Muvhango (s22) ep 102 Complaints
Mpho lies to the detective for Tenda. Muvhango tells Azwindini the truth. Gizara complains about his diet.
Muvhango (s22) ep 103: Good News
Marang does the unthinkable. Will Muvhango and Shudu see their plan through? Itumeleng receives some good news.
Muvhango (s22) ep 104: Consequences
Tenda visits Moipone with disastrous consequences. Muvhango stumbles upon the truth and is devastated.Hangwani's walls of Jericho come tumbling down.
Muvhango (s22) ep 105: Chicken Thief
Azwindini tries to warn Mulalo about the rising discontent in the village. Kgosi sets a trap for the chicken thief. Tenda comes to see Moipone in hospital.
Muvhango (s22) ep 106: Storm Raging
Tendamudzimu gets a second chance to get rid of Moipone.
Muvhango (s22) ep 107: A Killer
Mukondeleli gets invited to give dating advice on Phalaphala FM. Mulalo gets attacked by an angry mob. Mpho agrees to help James and Imani find the killer.
Muvhango (s22) ep 108: Violence
Mulalo is sitting on his hands as the civil unrest in Thathe escalates into violence. Tenda demands that Mpho give up her practice as Maine for fear of being fingered by the ancestors.
Muvhango (s22) ep 109: Exposed
Rendani is exposed. Mulalo is celebrated after saving the day. Masindi exposes Gizara.
Muvhango (s22) ep 110: Life Policy
Rendani refuses to give up the money. Didi accuses her of killing Hulisani to get the life policy money.
Muvhango (s22) ep 111: Inheritance
Rendani buys a new car with her inheritance. Mulalo leaves his haters with egg on their faces. Vho-Masindi gets a new job.
Muvhango (s22) ep 112: Innocence
Vho-Masindi is ungovernable on air. Rendani wants to take a lie detector test to prove her innocence. Teboho convinces a reluctant Mulalo to take the next step in their plan.
Muvhango (s22) ep 113: Royal Council
Mulalo is being haunted by something is undergoing a dark transformation. The royal council pay Azwindini aKe facility a visit to discuss what role he has to play now.
Muvhango (s22) ep 114: Secrets
Marang's secret is accidently revealed to Moipone. But will she be able to warn James? Mulalo's unfamiliar secretiveness has Teboho smelling a rat.
Muvhango (s22) ep 115: Pregnant
James finds out that Marang hasn't been going for her prental check ups.
Muvhango (s22) ep 116: Plans
Kgosi's fears are confirmed when he sees Shaz procuring a panga. Mulalo and Shumi make plans to be together.
Muvhango (s22) ep 117: Breadcrumbs
Gugu has a proposal for James. Shumi refuses to settle for breadcrumbs. Shaz and Vhutshilo up the ante.
Muvhango (s22) ep 118: Suspicions
Kgosi is convinced that Shaz and Vhutshilo are plotting to kill Hangwani. Mulalo falls asleep at the hotel room and Teboho gets suspicious.
Muvhango (s22) ep 119: Murder
Marang has an outrageous plan for Tendamudzimu. Teboho looks for clues to Mulalo's distant behaviour. Kgosi now has concrete proof that a murder is about to be committed.
Muvhango (s22) ep 120: Spy Mode
Azwindini resorts to unusual measures to stop the merger between MMC and Qalabosha. Teboho goes into spy-mode when she suspects Mulalo of having an affair.
Muvhango (s22) ep 121: The Truth
Mulalo worries when Teboho hints she knows the truth. Mpho tells Tenda that she's giving up her calling for good Kgosi scores a date with Bubbles in retaliation against Vhutshilo's slight.
Muvhango (s22) ep 122: Boxing Match
Vhutshilo and Kgosi set a date for a boxing match. Mulalo confesses his affair with Shumi to Teboho. Mpho's body temperature drops drastically.
Muvhango (s22) ep 123: The Fight
Mpho gets rushed to the hospital. Teboho tortures Mulalo. Hangwani talks Shaz against supporting the fight.
Muvhango (s22) ep 124: The Calling
Mpho's condition worsens. Mulimisi tells Tenda that this is happening because he made Mpho quit her calling. They're angry that she threw away her main tools.
Muvhango (s22) ep 125: Motivation
Tenda has an impossible choice to make. Teboho finds out what Mulalo really thinks of her. Bubbles and Kgosi are motivated when they see what Shaz and Vhutshilo have been up to.
Muvhango (s22) ep 126: The Truth
Bubbles and Kgosi are motivated when they see what Shaz and Vhutshilo have been up to.
Muvhango (s22) ep 127: Emergency C-Section
Mpho has an emergency C-section but the doctors can only save one life.
Muvhango (s22) ep 128: Coma
The heat is on as Vhutshilo and Kgosi prepare for their showdown in the boxing ring.
Muvhango (s22) ep 129: Guilt Ridden
Kgosi and Bubbles try to intimidate Vhutshilo and Shaz.
Muvhango (s22) ep 130: House Of Cards
Shaz and Vhutshilo fight fire with fire. Mulalo and Teboho's house of cards comes under fire once again.
Muvhango (s22) ep 131: Marriage Truce
Mulimisi has a shocking revelation for Mpho. Teboho and Mulalo come to a truce in their marriage.
Muvhango (s22) ep 132: False Hope
Tenda is angry with Mulimisi for giving Mpho false hope.
Muvhango (s22) ep 133: A Fast Buck
Vhutshilo and Kgosi are offended when they discover Hangwani's plan to make a fast buck.
Muvhango (s22) ep 134: A Vision
Vhutshilo decides he no longer wants to fight Kgosi. Mulimisi has a vision about who killed Mpfareni.
Muvhango (s22) ep 135: A Breakthrough
Tenda and Mpho make a breakthrough. Vhangani edges closer to the truth.The fight is off.
Muvhango (s22) ep 136: A Child's Body
The dead child's body is exhumed. Mpho is emotional.
Muvhango (s22) ep 137: Confrontation
Azwindini confronts Tenda. Neshehe makes a breakthrough.
Muvhango (s22) ep 138: Investigation
Marang catches a whiff of something happening with the Mostamais and investigates.
Muvhango (s22) ep 139: Lucky Dog
Vhutshilo finds a new use for his lucky dog.
Muvhango (s22) ep 140: Ancestor Help
Mpho hopes that once she gets her maine tools back she will be able to ask the ancestors to help her.
Muvhango (s22) ep 141: Day On TV
Mpho hits a brick wall but refuses to give up.
Muvhango (s22) ep 142: Sperm
Marang asks Thabang to steal James sperm.
Muvhango (s22) ep 143: The Barrel Of A Gun
The royal family find themselves staring down the barrel of a gun.
Muvhango (s22) ep 144: Come Clean
Marang finally gets her way. KK is in trouble. Hangwani can't bring herself to come clean.
Muvhango (s22) ep 145: Insecurities
Susan is upset that Azwindini's comforting Mpho.
Muvhango (s22) ep 146: Some Distressing News
Detective Lebone has some distressing news for Tenda.
Muvhango (s22) ep 147: Online Date
Tendamudzimu and Mpho receive news about their baby.
Muvhango (s22) ep 148: Public Melt Down
Things are not looking good for KK. Shaz is giddy after her date with Andrew.
Muvhango (s22) ep 149: Deceit Ends
Marang's deceit comes to an end. Will Kgosi do the right thing? Shaz and Andrew hit it off.
Muvhango (s22) ep 150: Mpfareni's Death
Hangwani finds out who Shaz is dating. Marang's plans to get pregnant backfires.