Zone 14 (s1)

The Games Begin
The Tiger boys heave reached the playoffs to get into Mvela League and the street celebrates.
Tiger Boys Win
The Tiger Boys playoff game is underway and after Vuvu gets a yellow card Boy puts him on the bench for the second half.
Victory Celebrations
Zone 14 celebrates the Tiger Boys victory at the tavern. Mdu comes home and King arrives in the tavern to steal Tiger’s thunder.
Tiger And Boy Missing
Tiger and Boy are missing. While looking for Tiger, Nandi finds Mdu and Pinky (having spent the night together), in Tiger’s office. Mdu traces Tiger at the hospital and he returns home.
Community Mourns
Stella & Molois in mourning. Community shattered. Sizwe publicly blames Tiger for Boy’s death.
Sizwe Moloi Swears Revenge
The Moloi family and Zone 14 grieve as Boy’s body arrives at the family mortuary. Pinky has to face her mothers wrath about her behaviour with Mdu.
Tiger Is Shunned
Tiger goes to pay respects to Boy, but is shunned by Sizwe. Is there something going on between Tiger and Stella? Popeye and Spinach try to win Selina’s heart.
Tiger Is In Jail
A witness incriminates Tiger as Boy’s murderer. Sizwe gloats. The Tiger Boys are in disarray, Bazooka is jealous of Sting flirting with Lebo, Jungle tries to keep things together.
Boy’s Funeral
The rift between the Sibiya’s and Molois widens when Sizwe publicly snubs Lebo at the funeral. The heartbroken Palesa is missing, Nina searches for her. Tiger weeps for Boy.
Tavern Is Closed Down
Tiger is frustrated by a bail office bungle but is it really a bungle? The Tiger Boys are worried about match fixing. King helps motivate them for the big game.
Sibiya’s Under Siege
Nandi angry with Tiger for letting the tavern license expire. Vuvu, still smarting about the question mark next to his name is approached by the opposition team with a lucrative offer.
Shock Of The Fire
Everyone is shocked at the burning down of the bottle store. Sizwe gloats while Nandi consults a sangoma.
Vuvu Is A Sellout
Tiger is angry because he has to hear about the fire from Stella. Nandi is upset that Stella was visiting him. Vuvu is branded a sellout by Popeye, Spinach and the players.
Sting’s Knee Damaged
There is outrage and speculation in the Zone 14 community at Tiger Sibiya’s bail being revoked. Sizwe revels in the news of evidence linking Tiger to a very serious crime.
Finals Loom
Jungle is under pressure as the finals loom, he and Nina fight. Gumede puts pressure on Vuvu not to play, and a nice amount of cash to sweeten things.
Will Vuvu Play?
The day of the finals has arrived. The community and players are in disagreement about whether Sting should take a cortisone shot in his knee, he may damage his knee for life.
Tigers Vs. Godobas
The time has come for the Tiger Boys to face the Godobas. But is all lost without Vuvu? Tiger tells Nandi the truth about his dark past. A game of hide and seek with Nina and Zweli ends in tragedy.
Will Tiger Boys Make It Through To The Mvela League?
The future of the Tiger Boys is dependant on a Sparrows victory. Will Lebo’s incentive to win prove more appealing than Gumedes bribe? Zweli is in danger, can King save him? Stella schemes with Tiger.
Tiger Tells Lebo To Dump Sting
King is the hero of Zone 14, but at what personal cost? Tiger tells Lebo to dump Sting. Will Lebo sacrifice love for the Tiger Boy’s? Sizwe and Digger have a new plan to sabotage the Sibiyas.
Jungle’s Coaching Job Is Shaky
Lebo is excited at having two potential sponsors, but Sizwe plans to sabotage her every move. Will Lebo find a replacement coach Jungle? King is in too much pain to attend Swallows practice.
Lebo Loses Sponsors
Lebo finds herself sponsorless, and is forced to entertain unsavory offers. Swallows Coach, Gavin Hunt, visits King to find out why he has been missing practice.
Stella Drops A Bombshell At Board Meeting
Lebo will go to any lengths to secure sponsorship for the team. At the player’s party Vuvu and Palesa disappear to somewhere more private.
Stella Takes Charge
Sizwe reels in shock at Stellas surprise announcement. Who is the girl in the red rain coat? Maradonna promises to solve the players privacy problems.
Jungle Is Demoted
Jungle is devastated at being demoted to assistant coach. Nandi becomes a laughing stock in Stella’s salon. Vuvu sets out to seduce Palesa. Will he succeed?
The Mystery Car And The New Coach
Zone 14 is abuzz with the arrival of a mystery Mercedes parked on the field. The players give the new coach a hard time. Sizwe advises Jungle to use his position to spy on Lebo.
Mdu Discovers The Truth About King’s Injury
Mdu confronts King about using medication. Sting tells Lebo he is leaving the team. Popeye and Spinach are determined to take action in the wake of Jungle’s dismissal.
King’s CAT Scan Results Revealed
The results of King’s CAT scan have serious implications for his future. Coach Gabriel gives the Tiger Boys a lesson they will never forget. Jungle humiliates Nina for the last time.
Nina Kicks Jungle Out
Jungle is full of remorse. Stella advises Lebo to use feminine wiles to keep Sting in the team. Why does Reverend Ronnie run to Sizwe after meeting with Popeye and Spinach?
King Offers To Save The Team
King comes up with a plan to save the Tiger Boys. Jungle humiliates Lebo at practice. S’bu makes a play for Palesa. Digger and Sizwe plot King’s downfall.
Tiger Boys Beauty Contest
Players are in their element as preparations for the Tiger Boys beauty contest get underway. Pinky is determined to win at any price. King tells Sindi the truth about his injury.
King Tells Sindi The Truth About His Injury
Who will be crowned the Miss Tiger Boys Beauty Queen? Papi’s debts catch up with him. Vuvu confronts Lebo about Sting’s new contract.
Miss Tiger Boys Beauty Pageant
Pinky’s victory is overshadowed by talk of Nandi’s insanity. Is Nandi losing her mind? Vuvu appears to have lost his mojo. Selina discovers her daughter’s deception. Jungle hits rock bottom.
Victory Is Soured
There are plenty of Tiger hopefuls, but very few Tiger Boys at the team try outs. Stella and Lebo aim to teach the Tiger Boys a lesson.
Digger Engineers King’s Downfall
Nandi sets out to prove that her visions are authentic. The players feel threatened by the tough competition at the team trials. King negotiates with Tiger for his stake in the team.
Nandi’s Faith In Her Visions Is Restored
Nandi is moments away from being caught by Sizwe. Zone 14 wakes up to a scandalous newspaper headline. It looks as though Bazooka is no match for Putco.
A Story Leaked
King’s lucky coin works its magic on Bazooka. Nandi has an illuminating meeting with Mrs. Clementime Tau. Digger becomes an unlikely hero.
The King Falls
Zone 14 waits to hear news of King. Will he walk again? Coach Gabriel Garcia receives a better offer. Sizwe and Digger toast to King’s downfall.
Long Live The King
Maradonna pays tribute to King. Vuvu challenges Lebo’s authority. Lebo makes an important discovery. Passion sparks between S’bu and Palesa. Popeye and Spinach seek out Rosemary Khanye’s mother.
The Players Defy Lebo
The community prepares for King’s homecoming. Regina puts Bazooka through his paces. Nandi learns the shocking truth about Reverend Ronnie. Lebo gives Sizwe a taste of his own medicine.
King Comes Home
The fate of the Tiger Boy’s sponsorship deal lies in Lebo’s ability to convince S’bu to play. King tries to walk again, but does he succeed?
Nandi Confronts Reverend Ronnie
Stella wants to be more than Tiger’s mistress. Nandi finds herself looking down the barrel of a gun.
A Miracle
Lebo asks Sting for a new beginning. The Swallows coach shows his interest in S’bu. Finally, Nandi finds that her endeavors have paid off. Nina saves King from despair.
Stepping Out Of The Shadows
Rosemary directs Nandi to the root of the Sibiya family troubles. Zone 14 celebrates Tigers imminent return. Lebo announces the team selection. Will Bazooka make it? Is it the end for Nina and Jungle?
Team Selection Announced
The community welcomes Tiger home. Sizwe & Digger are bitter at Tigers return. Lebo offers S’bu a contract. Will he play for the Tiger Boys? A jealous Mdu accuses King of wallowing in self pity.
Tiger Comes Home
Stella puts pressure on Tiger to leave Nandi. Will Maradonna’s miracle balm ensure King walks again? Emotions run high in a meeting between Tiger and Sizwe. Thugs come looking for Papi.
Tiger Confronts Sizwe
Maradonna uses the Miracle cream to “soften Madi’s heart” with undesired results. King reveals a surprise career decision. Nandi tells Sizwe to leave her family alone.
King Makes Surprise Decision
Nandi finds it difficult to adjust to Tiger’s return. Papi receives an unexpected present from grateful clients. Selina’s luck has turned.
Sizwe Fans The Flames Of Digger’s Hatred Of Tiger
In Zone 14 love is in the air. Tiger & Stella continue their affair in secret. Sting is appalled at Tiger’s treatment of Lebo. Madi is entranced by her mysterious admirer. King & Nina arrange to meet.
Star Crossed Lovers
Madi is excited at the prospect of meeting “Ridge”. The question everyone is asking: Who is the mysterious Friday MacMillan Joao Firmino Dlamini?
Madi’s Mystery Date
Sizwe and Digger delight in putting Zone 14’s best kept secret on display. The community is shocked. Selina hits rock bottom. Papi is determined to avenge Malulu’s murder.
An Affair Unveiled
The day of the Swallows friendly with Tiger Boys and the Tavern opening dawns. But blood has been spilt on the streets of Zone 14. Can Mdu save Papi? Will Nandi stand by Tiger?
Stella Swears Revenge
Zone 14 tells the stories of Soweto that have never been told before, from the fun of hanging out at the local tavern, to washing cars for money and styling your hair at the local salon.