Rented Family (s2)

Passed Matric
Zanele and Mzwa have passed matric. Mzwa's plans for tertiary upsets Muzi, while Zachs financial issues stand in the way of Zanele's future.
Chisa Nyama Competition
Sis D enters a Chisa Nyama competition with the hopes that her recipe for her secret sauce will win her the title, however, Gates decision to become a Vegan gets in the way of her hopes.
Memory Lane
After a run in with previous Beauty Pageant rival, Sis D is on a mission to reclaim that Crown that was taken from her.
A Valuable Lesson
Gates wins a cash prize at a time when everyone in the house is broke and he realises that he has the power to be treated like a King.
Social Media
Zanele blows up on Social Media and everyone in the house want a piece of her success. Sis D feels she also has the same potential and tries to copy Zanele.
Motivational Speaker
Lwazi becomes a recognised motivational speaker and starts her first motivational speaking gigs. Muzi and Gates hatch a plan to get Lwazi's attention.
Rightful Heir
CJ embarks on a mission to find a wife in order to become the rightful heir to a throne and the rest of the household are there to help him achieve this.
Alternative Motives
The Chisa Nyama is shut down by an inspector and Muzi finds out that he has alternative motives. Mzwa tries to help raise income for the closed down Chisa Nyma which leads to more trouble.
The Perfect Helper
Mzwa pretends that he has a job in order to appease Muzi. Zach seeks the help of CJ to help prepare for the role of a taxi driver.
A Threat
Muzi meets up with an old friend and starts to believe that Siphiwe is posing a threat to his usiness. Zanele tries a new tact with Zach in order to convince him to allow her to date.
How To Drive
Sis D gets Zach to fire Scotch as she takes over management of his acting career. Zanele asks Muzi to teach her how to drive, which leads to Gates also wantinig to learn how to drive.
An Artist
Muzi is caught in the middle of a Taxi turf disagreement and turns to Zach for help. Gates gets addicted to art and feels he has what it takes to become an artist himself.
Sis D finds a box of condoms and enlists Zach to help find out who they belong to. There is someone terrorising the neighbourhood with waterbombs and CJ and Lwazi search for the culprit.