Guy Code

Guy Code


  • Vuyisa Xaba


  • Emtee
  • George Mnguni
  • Moshe


  • Reality


The Guy Code is a how-to manual full of top tips to push the envelope and open the dialogue about the wonders and woes of being a man.

Each 30 min episode covers 4 main topics which are examined from all angles. These topics are matters which every modern man has to deal with.

Commentators let rip and are cross cut as they discuss their amusing thoughts, rules, issues and stories on each matter with humorous animation to highlight their point. Voice over is featured throughout to introduce the show, lead into each topic and summarize the episode. Quirky comic sketches, often starring the commentators, are sometimes used to introduce a topic.

As well as the four main topics each episode features up to four 30 second sound bites which can be a one-liner, #hashtag moment, one off rules, anecdotes - whatever is on a commentators mind! Each episode concludes with a lessons learned summary.

parental rating

  • 16

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