You Got Got (s2)

Anele Mdoda
We pranked radio legend Anele Mdoda with the help of her co-host Alex Cage. Tol A$$ Mo plays a car guard and sells peoples cars for very cheap. Spoeku is back terrorizing students.
The Outlawz pranked a South African hip-hop sensation, Emtee. Oscar went driving around a shopping center in his new car, a toy Mercedes Benz. Simmi scared people dressed as Garbage man.
South African Media
Tol A$$ Mo pranks the South African media as he pretends to be launching a new show called celebrities exposed. Simmi asks some peeps to buy him embarrassing products.
Los Angeles
The Outlawz and Tol A$$ Mo went International baby and pranked people in Los Angeles. They pretended to be African princes, asked people to define South African words and rated peoples fashion.
Dj Warras
DJ Warras is pranked in a Parking lot as the Outlawz get him a car wash he will never forget. Megan offends people while she pretends to be on the phone in Potchefstroom.
Bob Mabena
We prank the legendary Bob Mabena live on his radio show by accusing him of stealing music and serving him papers. Lindzy randomly bursts into songs mid conversation with people.
Dh Twins Major League
DH twins Major League are invited to a meeting to be the face of a new brand, but their blood must be taken to verify if they are twins.
We went to Media24 and visited the offices of local newspaper, The Daily Sun, to prank Hip Hop Artist Kwesta.
Locnville came in for an interview with Siya Sangweni but because we like taking things to the next level, we pretended Siya was involved in a crime syndicate and sent in the fake Intelligence Force.
Samkelo Ndlovu
We pranked actress and singer Samkelo Ndlovu asking her to be the face of a new fitness brand because she represents 'average'. Megan played Super Douche Women and rescued people from unlit situations
Doc Shebeleza
The Outlawz brought the legendary Doc Shebeleza himself to come give Cassper Nyovest a wakeup call at 5am complete with confetti guns.
#Yougotgot HQ
As this season comes to an end their leader, Tol A$$ Mo, has summoned them to a meeting to brainstorm how they will continue to keep your TV screens LIT for a possible 3rd Season.
Best Pranks
The squad looks back at the Best Pranks from Season 2. The pranks that broke twitter, had memes created about them and left you pushing rewind play, rewind play.
Best Of Celeb Pranks
We look back at the best moments from all of our celebrity pranks from Season 2 of #YouGotGot. From Anele Mdoda, Bob Mabena, EMTEE, to Cassper Nyovest no-one was safe!
Best Of Scare Pranks
The #YouGotGot Outlawz have been going across the country causing screams, runs and awkward dance moves. This Best of episode features our favourite scare prank slyzas from this season!
Best Of Fam Pranks
You, fam, have been sending us all your lit ideas and these are our favorite FAM pranks that the team filmed from this season of #YouGotGot.
Best Of X-Rated Pranks
Throughout this season of #YouGotGot, there were many moments where you wish your mom wasn't watching with you. This episode features all of those special X-rated pranks that had you blushing.
Tol A$$ Mo-Ments
Tol A$$ Mo also took to the streets to prank people, from South Africa all the way to Los Angeles. He had some great pranks up his sleeve and in this episode we look at all his best MOments.
Viewer's Choice
You asked and we listened - these are YOUR favorite pranks from this season as voted for by you on twitter.