Clash of the Corps (s1)

Marchin Music's Major League
Marching Band? That sh*t's got NOTHING on Drum Corps. Let the Blue Devils and The Cadets school you in the world of Drum Corps Competition.
Work Hard, Play Hard
The Corps get pumped for their 12 city tour. The Blue Devils focus on their performance while The Cadets try to focus on what their performance actually is.
Pleasure & Pain
The Blue Devils and The Cadets hit the ground hard and get hyped for their first performances. Kobe deals with the pressure and pain of drum corp while Catie struggles with the loss of her sister.
Comin' Out Swinging
The Cadets' intense focus on their routine leads to another injury right before their first DCI performance. The Blue Devils have show drama of their own when they find out there's a BIG problem!
Sticks, Stones, and Breaking Bones
Tensions rise as the Cadets and the Blue Devils face off; Catie and Joye struggle with sickness and injuries.
Who Came to Win?
It's DCI Finals weekend and the tension is on for The Blue Devils and The Cadets. Watch how the corps handle their last moments together and see who can take the pressure and who will break.
Take It. Own It. ROCK IT!
Here it is. The last moments of battle for the DCI championship. Will The Blue Devils be back on top and secure another win? Will The Cadets rank higher and surprise everyone by coming out on top?