Keeping Score (s1)

The Chosen Ones
46 year-old boxer Justice Mohapi, aka The Cobra, gloved, in the ring, in great shape, flashes back to fighting Toni Bennito almost to the death to become world heavyweight champion.
The Thrill Of The Hunt
Justice is depressed that the brawl lost him the sponsorship and makes dark threats about Tladi and Lehasa. Warona tries to comfort him but she's concerned that Greg is wrong for Botho.
For The Love Of The Game
Botho welcomes Lehasa and Tladi but Justice throws them out. Botho persuades Ashanti to win them back. Botho and Warona tell Justice they need Varanus' money, whatever it takes.
Working Out
ASA can't get sponsors due to too many male athletes. Lehasa suggests Ashanti, flirts with her. She snubs him. Tladi tries to join ASA. Botho refuses him until he hands her a big cheque.
The Closer You Get
We learn about Issac's traumatic life as a boy soldier in S. Sudan, and he accuses Mack of being gay. Ashanti chats up Lehasa.
And In This Corner
Mmamosa makes her grand entrance at the academy, but something about her meeting with Justice makes her go insane just for a moment.
Testing Boundaries
Justice is ashamed that he bet on the Ashanti Jackpot and takes it out on the athletes. Ashanti, however, proves that she is perfectly capable of looking after herself.
Kicking It
At supper, Justice & Botho celebrate that the storm is over. Their money problems are sorted & Issac is an Olympic contender.
Go For The Overkill
Mmamosa, furious that her plan re Botho and Ashanti has gone awry, gives Lehasa cash to buy Botho. She keeps up her game of charming Justice and being catty to Warona.
On The Ball
Ashanti offers to marry Issac to give him citizenship. Justice objects at first then accepts it if Lehasa does. Lehasa's fine with it. Tladi grins and leaves the meeting to call Mmamosa
Grand Slam
Warona tries being caring to Justice but he still treats her like a maid. When Lehasa tells Justice that even if Issac marries Eshe he'll only get residency in 2 years.
Dirty Games
Greg tells Mack about Issac's enquiry, promises all will be OK. They have an intimate moment. Ashanti rejects Issac, laughs at his disappointment and hurt.