Ihawu (s1)

Borwa Resources
Dumisane, a young activist believes that Borwa resources, a mining company, is contaminating the water in his community of Letlapeng.
Toxic Water
Dumisane and his friends are thrown into jail and charged for killing Mr Mazwai. Sihle, a PDH student asks Lerato her friend who works at Borwa resources to see if Borwa is discharging toxic water.
Prosecuting Authority of South Africa
Lerato meets Refiloe from the Prosecuting Authority of South Africa (PASA) to report on Borwa’s financial irregularities. Borwa discover this and tries to get her killed.
Lerato visits Refiloe wanting to charge Borwa for trying to kill her. Borwa Resources in turn wants to get her fired. They also want to kill Dumisane for testing the water for toxicities.
Silindile Ramasodi, the leader of Ihawu Lesizwe, an underground movement thats fighting Neoliberalism, wants Sihle to join them. She refuses until she has no other choice.
Silindile, Sihle and Dumisane decipher that Borwa Resources is mining a mineral called Amber that is providing the funds needed to keep South Africa a Neo-liberal state.
Aquarius ropes in Tongai to help them bring down Dumisane. Sihle has to find out who the mole is in Ihawu who is working for Aquarius. Silindile tasks Dumisane to necklace all business sell outs.
Ihawu Le Sizwe
Tongai is shot and taken to Bulelwa’s house. He learns that Aquarius killed his family. He wants to join Ihawu Le Sizwe. Aquarius also try to kill Sihle. Dumisane goes after Mr Makhura.
Kill List
Sihle wants to confront Ihawu Le Sizwe for killing the people on the list she put together and is shocked to see that Tongai has joined them.
Illegal Miners
Sihle meets the illegal miners for Amber but things go very wrong. Refiloe from PASA arrests Mr Davids for questioning. Silindile wants Dumisane and Tongai to go after the “Puppet Masters”.
The New Democratic South Africa
Sihle escapes from PASA. Ihawu Le Sizwe with Sihle, Dumisane and Tongai want to go after the architects of the new Democratic South Africa.
The Elite
Sihle learns all she knows about the Elite Compromise and Aquarius. Aquarius go all out to save themselves.