The Longest Date (s1)

16 Singles
We meet and profile the 16 singles who have arrived in Mpumalanga, they get to know their surroundings before attending the couple match ceremony where they find out who their dates are.
Newly Matched Couples
The newly matched couples face their first challenge and it's more extreme than they bargained for.
Immediate Chemistry
As the couples get to know each other, some reveal immediate chemistry, while for others, cracks begin to show.
Lack Of Compatibility
Shalance and Nathaneal face their lack of compatibility when Nathaneal realises that Shalance refuses to engage with him.
The couples come face to face when they have to truly connect during the challenge.
Let’s Get Physical
Ona and Michael are having a tough time.Which comes to a head when he is disgusted at having to kiss her.
Unchain My Heart
Ona and Sage are both thrilled with their new coupledom and their chemistry is palpable. Tamryn’s limits are tested with Senzo and she’s angry at his inability to step up the plate when she needs him.
I’m Going Deeper Underground
A physical and emotional challenge requires the couples to take a leap of faith.
Leap Of Faith
Lindelani leads but gets Lana lost, Tamryn and Senzo flirt back and forth while Daniel gets an opportunity.
Aint No Mountain High Enough
An extremely difficult challenge has the couples testing their bond. Lindelani needs Lana more than ever and he wins her respect by catching her before she falls.
All Aboard The Love Boat
A little reflection reminds the couples of how far they’ve come and what’s at stake. Sive wants to stay focused on Daniel while Lindelani and Lana struggle through a difficult challenge.
Bumps In The Road
It’s the final three couples and they are about to face an incredibly difficult challenge. With all of them so close to the finale, tempers flare.
Between A Rock And A Hard Place
We’re down to the final two couples. Reeling from Ruan and Joedy’s shock revelation, can Sivaniel keep their heads in the game?