Queen Of Flow (s1)

A Drug Dealer
Charly has become a great singer while Yeimi is in jail, having contact with the Reggaeton singer for 17 years, the DEA seeks that Yeimi infiltrates the life of Charly's uncle, a drug dealer.
Soul & Bass
Yeimy is pleased to be a part of Soul&Bass. Charly tells them to meet up after school so they can record the song but Juancho and Yeimy make him understand they have to actually practice first.
Wrist Tattoo
Charly steals the money and Yeimy is stunned as her suspicions are confirmed. After making sure the security guard is still alive she recalls the assailants wrist tattoo.
The Correctional Facility
Yeimy is taken to the correctional facility, where Cosme, an older inmate, makes her become her slave.
Búho and Juancho’s business leads them to cross paths with Charly, who is confronted by Juancho because he recorded “Reflection,” a song which Yeimy had composed.
Lets Get Drunk
Yeimy tells Lil Fany about her deal with the DEA, not knowing that Nataly is recording this information. Petra finds out and tells Manin, who gives the order to have her killed.
Tamy Andrade
With Pite’s support, Erik decides to participate in a rap battle, where he freezes and makes a fool of himself. In the meantime, Yeimi impresses Jack during a party he’s hosting.
Stage Performance
After his failed stage performance, Erik feels determined again and he decides to visit the commune, unaware that Carancho has been following him to inform Manin about his son’s trips.
The Event
Charly listens to the song Yeimi composed, and as he reads the lyrics, he seems to recognize the style, but he keeps quiet about that.
Charly keeps trying to flirt with Tamy, which really bothers Gema. Triana calls Vanesa to come in for a casting, where she must model in her underwear.
Lack Of Chemistry
During Cris Vega’s recording, Yeimy has a lot of trouble because of a clear lack of chemistry between Vega and herself.
Family Wellbeing
Estela, Pite’s mother, tells Erick that she knows someone in Family Wellbeing who could give him information on his biological parents.
Erotic Video
A pained Yeimy uploads the video online watching gleefully as it starts to get a lot of views. Vanesa is upset about Gema who confesses that she gave up a career as a model for her & for Charlys sake.
Biological Parents
Erik is surprised to find a letter where he is told that if he wishes to know more about his biological parents, he’ll have to pay 20 million pesos.
Money Laundering
In the middle of a meeting, Manin asks Charly to start laundering money through his business, to which Charly agrees to do through Cris Vega’s music.
Keep Calm
Carancho leaves, followed by Lucio, who finds him at a phone booth. Carancho demands the money from Erik as he tells him his mother’s name was Yeimy Montoya.
A Toast
The mood feels tense at the party, and Charly tries to draw the attention away from this by extoling Cata, who tries to approach Yeimy right as she’s called by Rizzo and runs off.
Berrio Park
After finding out what happened to Axl, Charly heads for the Excelsior only to discover there are no copies left of the CCTV footage.
A Local Dealer In The Commune
Yeimy tells Rizzo her suspicions about Charly’s concert. Erik is watching the news, and he finds out the man they murdered was Hernán Prieto, a.k.a. Carancho.
The Drug Lord
Jack is upset because Yeimi spends too much time with Charly. He follows her and confronts her, letting her know he has feelings for her.
Queen of Flow
Erik, who’s being tailed by an agent, manages to meet up with Manín, with whom he has a violent confrontation after hitting Ligia.
Edited Pictures
Rizzo puts pressure on Yeimy so she’ll get close to Erik & he hands her a phone she should give the boy.
No Judgement
Erik tells Vanesa about his musical progress & progress with his video. Vanesa confesses that she crashed the car.
Confessions & Accountability
Charly asks Axl to follow Tamy, who’s headed for Juanchos office. Juancho confronts Yeimy over her need for revenge.
Family Debacles
Vanesa, devastated after overhearing Gema, gives Charly the name of the agency.
A White Lie
Buho promises to get Pez Koi’s song to play at Mero Power, while Juancho explains that what he said about Tamy was a white lie.
The Song
With Cris Vega's song finally being released, Yeimy and Erik are in a tizzy, as they fear the worst.
Skillful Capture
Just as Juancho is about to talk about Yeimy, she arrives, and she takes them both out to celebrate.
The Location
Cata finds Charly’s video on Juancho’s phone, and she finds out that Tamy sent it in the first place.
The Beach Getaway
Gema is shaken by the message about the money & she decides to transfer the money.
Charly gives a declaration for a document on a charity foundation.
Gemma asks Charly to leave the house, and he vows to ruin her and take everything from her.
Yeimy tells Juancho that she’ll do whatever it takes to make Charly reveal Manín’s location.
Ligia is locked up in a room.
Vanesa is doing well in rehab until Ruko comes in, telling her he’s come to get her.
Erik and Ligia pay Charly a visit. Charly is happy to find his mother is safe and sound.
When Axl finds the transmission, Charly goes to see Erik, telling him that he’s the only Cruz who gets to sing.
Charly Promises
An exasperated Charly asks Yeimy to go live with him. She tells him he should get divorced first, which Charly promises to do soon.
Ruko tells Vanesa that he wants to change, but he needs her close to do it.
Vanesa asks for Yeimy’s help because she wishes to become emancipated.
Cris finds out about the concert he’s not invited to, and he gets upset.
Charly asks Hormiga to mute Erik’s microphone so he can sing alone.
Charly is furious to have been booed onstage.
Charly's new lover
Yeimy is completely engrossed as she finds out that Charly has a new lover.
Irma sings her heart out as Erik and Juancho happily enjoy watching her.
Ruko intercepts Vanessa, forcing her to go with him instead of Pite.
Surround Artist
Irma sings and Yeimy confronts Charly, as she is a Surround artist.
Yeimy asks Gemma to calm down and first have proved to confront him.
Yeimy thoughtfully processes what Juancho has just told her, but is overwhelmed.
Juancho tries to dissuade Erik from asking Charly about Yeimy Montoya. Yeimy requests a DNA test. Gema gets the ammunition she needs to fight Charly.
Heart Broken
Vanesa has a difficult talk with Pite. Lucio captures the PI. Cata catches Juancho lying again. Yeimy makes a change in her relationship with Charly.
Dirty Money
Charly gets bad news from Don Edgar. Yeimy helps Vanesa with Ruko. When Gema shows Charly her evidence against him, he realizes he needs to stop her.
Sons of a Father
Charly asks Lucio for a favor. Yeimy baits Ruko with the help of the DEA. Cata pressures Juancho into signing more artists, including Cris Vega.
Masks the Truth
After learning Gema will be working late at the studio, Charly calls Lucio. When Vanesa changes Gema's mind about Charly, Yeimy plays her last card.
Caught on Camera
Yeimy asks Zulma to record her testimony on video. Pite offers Vanesa advice based on his own experience. Juancho follows Charly to see who he meets.
Every Picture Tells a Story
Erik questions Charly's version of events. Gema's new boyfriend crashes a church service. Yeimy asks Juancho to pick up the DNA test results.
Axl looks through Excelsior's security footage. Zulma posts the video of Yeimy telling her side of the story. Cris Vega auditions for Juancho.
Forbidden Love
As Juancho's marital doubts increase, Cata spends more time with Cris. The police get forensic test results back. Erik and Yeimy collaborate on a song.
In light of the DNA evidence, Charly scrambles to cover his tracks. Pite tries to cheer up Vanesa. Juancho learns of Cata's efforts to get pregnant.
What a Web she Weaves
Erik follows Irma home and is shocked by what he discovers. Pite makes a confession to Vanesa. Over drinks, Cris gets Cata to confide in him.
The police go after Yeimy, who has to decide whether to flee or turn herself in. Erik finds out how the police learned where Yeimy was hiding.
Juancho reveals Yeimy's true identity to the police. Cata shares surprising news with Juancho. Charly convinces the police to let him talk to Yeimy.
Me Interesas
Axl shows Charly a new track he created. After hearing Juancho's news, Yeimy receives a surprise visitor. Charly coaches Irma to perform seductively.
Vanesa confronts Yeimy. The ballistic report comes back. Yeimy is warned she's going to be attacked that day. Zulma launches a campaign to free Yeimy.
Beat of the Song
Vanesa senses her father is hiding something from her and searches his bedroom. The police get a warrant to arrest Charly's shady accountant.
A Change of Lyrics
After being visited by Jack and Juancho, Yeimy makes a big decision. Axl fumes over creative differences with Charly. Irma gets fed up with her dad.
Yeimy finally divulges her identity to Charly. Lucio gives his girlfriend an item for safekeeping. Vanesa introduces Pite to her father.
Dead Man Walking
Yeimy tells Erik who his birth mom is and tries to answer all his questions. The police close in on Lucio. Ligia learns the truth about Erik's origins.
Erik reveals who his birth father is to Charly. Cata pays a surprise visit to Yeimy's home. The police call an anonymous number listed on Lucio's phone.
Sweet Justice
Yeimy agrees to work for Surround on one condition, and later reveals a new secret online. When Mora gets greedy, Charly's lawyer comes up with a plan.
High Speed
Misfortune puts Cata in the wrong place at the wrong time. Axl suspects Charly is stealing his song. Lucio's girlfriend discovers what's on the phone.
Broken Hearted
Juancho makes a decision about Cata. Lucio's girlfriend pays Charly a visit. Irma discovers who her father injured. Yeimy arranges to meet with Axl.
Who is to Blame
The police help Yeimy get a visit with Mora. Charly meets Lucio's girlfriend to pay her off. Irma tells her father what she learned about his victim.
Axl auditions for Yeimy. Ligia visits Irma's father. Erik and Cris's social media contest begins. Irma tries to dispel rumors about her and Charly.
Wrapped in Death
Rosalía ardently pursues Juancho. Mora asks to speak to Detective Contreras and Yeimy. The man who unlocked the phone for Marlene goes to the police.
Broken Promises
Rosalía tries to create distance between Juancho and Yeimy. Irma's father, José, visits Ligia. Yeimy seeks Axl's help in proving Charly's guilt.
Bling Bling Car
Yeimy arranges to meet Marlene's friend who unlocked the phone. A fan asks Erik a delicate question. Juancho decides to wait no longer to pursue Yeimy.
For the Love of a Child
Vanesa's loved ones urge her to give the police what she found in the closet. Yeimy has a tough talk with Jack. Cata makes an announcement to Juanch
Prints don’t Lie
Charly confronts Axl, who has a change of mind. During his concert, Erik invites his dad to join him onstage. The recording analysis results come back.