Boity: Own Your Throne (s1) AMP

Boity (s1) ep 01: My Crazy World
On the Season Premiere of Boity Own Your Throne, we get introduced to Boity's Queendom, her Mom, Manager, Spiritual Mentor and Social Media Manager who'll be accompanying her on this journey.
Boity (s1) ep 02: Owning The Throne
Boity's manager, Bash, needs her to prioritize her album as there's a huge demand for it. She doesn't feel ready to record as yet.
Boity (s1) ep 03: Getting Plugged In
Boity gets to grips with improving one of the most important aspects of life but it doesn't get any easier with Bash consistently nagging her about her music.
Boity (s1) ep 04: Out With The Old, In With The New
Boity takes matters into her own hands and deepens her search for an assistant.
Boity (s1) ep 05: Words Of Wisdom
Boity is back in the studio, this time with Naakmusiq but things don't go as planned, her voice is letting her down.
Boity (s1) ep 06: Seeing Red In Spain
After so much planning and preparations for the Spain trip, things don't go smoothly for Boity's team.
Boity (s1) ep 07: THE EMA Lights, Camera And No Action
Boity is tired after a jam-packed schedule in Spain with the MTV Europe Music Awards but with more activities scheduled, she soldiers on. Boity puts her foot down with Bobby.
Boity (s1) ep 08: The Catch Up
Boity and her team regroup at Rockets where she is hosting a residency to catch up on the disastrous Spanish trip.
Boity (s1) ep 09: A Little Bit Of Change
It's the big day of the SA Hip Hop Awards, Boity is dealing with what to wear and her efforts to getting advice from Modiehi don't go so well.
Boity (s1) ep 10: A Night With The Stars
Things are not rosy in the camp and Bash makes a big decision to solve the mess.
Boity (s1) ep 11: The Sour Note
The Covid-19 pandemic has left the whole world in a spin and Boity adjusts to the new way of doing things with the whole country in lockdown.
Boity (s1) ep 12: A Pleasant Surprise
Boity and Modiehi plan a surprise birthday for a special person in the family and it ends in tears.
Boity (s1) ep 13: A Journey Through Guidance
Boity Own Your Throne comes to an end with a look back at all the moments from the season.