Cheerleader Generations (s1)

The New Generation
Coach Ryan, and Donna, her legendary cheerleading coach mother, both hold cheerleading tryouts at their respective schools.
Coach Ryan works overtime to get the squad prepared to perform at the Ole Miss basketball game.
Pressure Is A Privilege
Coach Donna needs a win at Regionals in order to secure a spot at Nationals, but worries that her girls aren’t ready.
Don't Lose Sleep Over It
Despite splitting her time between throwing Ryan's baby shower and intense practices, Donna has high hopes for a 20th State Competition title.
Hope And Heartbreak
The Ole Miss squad has one last performance to impress Coach Ryan before Nationals.
Hit Or Ole Miss
A very pregnant Coach Ryan shakes up the team by giving Jordan a coveted place on the Nationals mat.
Shooting Stars Or Falling Stars
For the first time, Coach Donna heads to Nationals without the support of Ryan, who is home on bed rest.
The Legacy Continues
As both teams get back on the mat to prove they are better than their performances at Nationals, Ryan goes into labour three weeks early.